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    I'm Zekice

    Great to have you here!
  2. rhoan_dat_cool_cat

    Ship Maintinence - jpdawg

    I think this is both a good and not so good of an idea. Good because it could be like maintaining your guns in red dead but not so good because it might become monotonous.
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    UltraHyperDuck Duck Duck skibbity bop mm dada

    I thought Roarke was a turtle…
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    What, What!

    No doubt you will
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    What, What!

    I would love to see it!
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    What, What!

    I love the part where you blow away anyone that griefs you or more important others! Sounds like a great faction.
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    What, What!

    GSA, I am unfamiliar, please enlighten me.
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    Are you on the discord?
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    Ladies and Gentlemen…

    I would like to say that… WE ENTERED THE TRIPLE DIGITS BABY!!! 100 MESSAGES!!!
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    I don’t think that you will need to put resources into an island but have some central core that would give a lot of void shards but make the island have some countdown until it falls.
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    A docking station and/or landing strip

    I would love to have/be apart of a mother ship.
  13. rhoan_dat_cool_cat

    A docking station and/or landing strip

    This would be great to have in the game but I imagine pretty tricky.
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    We need rules to function, not mindless slaughter.
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    10 month anniversary!

    10 month anniversary!
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    So? BOW seems more nice and our views align better.
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    Lone masts seems cool

    What is lone masts?
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    New and Improved!

    Hello “Cool Cats,” you may be wondering, “What could be so new and improved? How can you improve perfection?” The answer is, the “Cool Cats” now stand against seal clubbing and we will do our best to defend those who need defending. If this doesn’t make you want to join I don’t know what will...