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  1. Cyberknight

    Last chance!

    I mean the average cat with a scar just look slightly dumber than a regular one. You might want to switch to a bigger type of cat
  2. Cyberknight

    Race specific grapple / starter gun

    You can't even properly burn my eyes so burning air to propel or fight might be compromised
  3. Cyberknight

    I'm SHWAN

    So man is your SHWAN?
  4. Cyberknight

    Hola mister with a cool profile picture

    Hola mister with a cool profile picture
  5. Cyberknight

    The time is catching up on you man

    The time is catching up on you man
  6. Cyberknight

    Last chance!

    Look at this profile picture,a bunch of 3D vector, so cool
  7. Cyberknight

    Race specific grapple / starter gun

    I mean surely a bunch of people do actually, but I don't know how people can put their trust onto shiney beams
  8. Cyberknight

    Last chance!

    No problem for the background motivation, but you want me to beat your mascot? Seems a bit mean to me
  9. Cyberknight

    Race specific grapple / starter gun

    Stay with your shiney lasers toy while I play with my trustfull explosion engine then; also Farwan cool with the steampunk attributes but I prefer being a tonk
  10. Cyberknight

    Last chance!

    You handicaped cat will not compete with the incomming factions!
  11. Cyberknight


    Tax freud, a psycological thesis about tax evasion
  12. Cyberknight


    It's no more the grey legion but just the Legion tho
  13. Cyberknight

    Gatling's for the second steam weapon

    Also the bonus point of this thing could be those steampipe connected to a monster gatling to make it work through the power of overboiled water
  14. Cyberknight

    A Variety of Sails

    A good example of what could be made is a Gaf Schooner, it perfectly fit the theme and is fucking cool on sea, so I guess turbo propelled it will look as cool
  15. Cyberknight

    Fixed EZ mod soft lock

    I from the base cube, you select a face, take this face behind the opposite one, then come back 1 grid on the other side you'll end up with something like that It totally prevent any change you could do with it, even if you change to hard mode Edit : occured in 0.14.48
  16. Cyberknight


    Not a lot honestly, but even if he handled Minecraft and some other game like Skyrim honorably I can't see it as a gaming laptop
  17. Cyberknight

    Coat Guild?

    Will not be the first not the last time I have blood that isn't mine on my hands so...
  18. Cyberknight

    Most played game?

    In hours Minecraft, surely
  19. Cyberknight

    What do you do?

    Hmmm bread