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  1. TBerry


    This would be especially useful if you don't have much time playing. Alternatively, there could just be a clock, maybe on the top right corner, if you don't want to break immersion too much.
  2. TBerry

    Engine angle

    Rather than just having the engine place horizontally or vertically, the engine's z-anglecould align with the surface, or maybe just having the ability to place the engine at a 45° angle. I think this would hekp shipbuilding a lot.
  3. TBerry

    SHIP The Fat Bat

    Because it reminds me of a bat.
  4. TBerry

    Possible PvP options for Safe Zones

    Airship tug-of-war: Harpoon each other, go full-throttle. Fistfights: Players in red or blue boxing trunks and tops duking it out for prizes. Combat Arena: Air combat for prizes, split by tier. Build an airship in a certain amount of time using the materials and parts offered. That is all.
  5. TBerry

    Legendary Airships (sightings/optional combat)

    I'd like to preface this by saying it's only a suggestion and I don't want to overtax the devs. Also, these wouldn't be NPC ships, but rather ship NPCs. The way I imagined it, an NPC would ask you about strange sightings in the sky as of late, kicking off the quest. There would be references to...
  6. TBerry

    SHIP Old Ship design

    The Carter II The old Carter from WA served for a long time and I have really fond memories of flying with her. We even managed to fly almost the entire length of a sandwall when we fled from pirates and made it out alive.
  7. TBerry

    Specific Guilds/Specialization

    The basic idea behind this is that you have specific Guilds that allows you to specialize in one or two field(s), unlocking certain skills, tools (additional multitool functions?), ship parts, and abilities, as well as field-specific quests. For example: Explorer's Guild: The guild that...
  8. TBerry

    Regarding world and (apparent) procedural generation

    Since the world is (apparently) procedurally generated, I suggest, depending if you truly want to make it an MMO or MMO-like, to simply have several save havens spread over the cardinal points, and maybe some important spots and/or trading posts/outposts, and let everything beyond that simply be...
  9. TBerry

    It is I. TBerry.