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  1. Darwindz

    New using the grapple at low framerates makes nearby objects black

    when at extremely low framerates grappling turns nearby object black for a few seconds and the grapple animation plays super slowly then disappears version 0.15.67
  2. Darwindz

    New ships with cannons moved while paused

    when ships with cannons are in the grapple scene they will slide around while the game is paused. version 0.15.67
  3. Darwindz

    Fixed Ship Editor: ship direction arrow toggles with grass

    when the grass is toggled off the ship direction arrow disappears version 0.15.46
  4. Darwindz

    Closed Ship Editor: freecam tied to target

    targeting a point, switching to freecam, then moving the point will move the camera then force you out of freecam v0.15.37
  5. Darwindz

    Fixed forum does not allow upload of .shipdata files

    the file type white list does not include shipdata files. how can we show off our cool/bugged ships in these inhumane conditions
  6. Darwindz

    Bug cannon screen shake ignores distance to cannon

    cannon screen shake stays the same no matter how far you are from the cannon and how quiet it is
  7. Darwindz

    Bug some old ships have undeletable vertices

    appending to a point seems to fix that specific point
  8. Darwindz

    Bug some old ships have undeletable vertices

    some old ships such as my frigate mk 0 on the workshop have vertices that cannot be deleted with the delete tool and only occasionally and buggily able to be moved attempting to use the delete tool generates a log that looks like using the move tool generates logs that looks like these \\...
  9. Darwindz

    Fixed multiple helms on a ship

    using the helm on a ship with more than one help causes massive frame loss while in use version 0.15.31
  10. Darwindz

    Bug Ship Editor: paint picker tool requires two uses to use

    to color pick a panel with the paint picker tool requires pressing the spacebar twice on the first use
  11. Darwindz

    Fixed dev/production/qa version switching buttons missing

    dev/production/qa version switching buttons missing from menu in 0.15.31
  12. Darwindz

    Bug New character controller doesn't fit through doorways

    cannot fit through these doorways very sad
  13. Darwindz

    Fixed Ship Editor: adding advanced mode faces lag

    adding faces outside of ez mode gets laggier the more faces you have added outside of ez mode. very noticeable once you reach around 20-30 faces. ezmode faces do not seem to have this issue version 0.15.31
  14. Darwindz

    Bug ship editor, loading loaded ship disappears panels

    in 0.15.31 and some previous versions loading the ship you have already loaded in the ship editor hides all panels that match between the old and new ship
  15. Darwindz

    Bug reset password broken

    in 0.15.28 i pressed the password reset button and it did not send an email and my old password still works
  16. Darwindz

    Staff most recent Last Seen: Oct 14

    are you really just here to stir up shit? what do you hope to accomplish with this?
  17. Darwindz

    Gatling's for the second steam weapon

    I dont think any ship is going to be particularly stealthy after opening fire
  18. Darwindz

    A Variety of Sails

    Square sail is for merchants and warships. Get yourself a schooner for some proper piracy.
  19. Darwindz

    Gatling's for the second steam weapon

    In the recently released tech tree plan the steam tech is missing a weapon. I suggest this second weapon be a Gatling gun to fulfil the close range role anti personnel weapon that the other trees have. Bring on the Gatling turrets!
  20. Darwindz

    A Variety of Sails

    There are many types of sail out there and as someone who prefers to cruise quietly I feel there should be a variety of sails to utilize on board your skyships. One many will be familiar with is the bermuda rig whose triangular shape you might recognize from another game. It is very good at...