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  1. Darwindz

    New Shipbuilder: move tool fails on loaded ships

    attempting to move vertices on ships not created in the current session causes the move tool to fail. The widget moves but leaves the vertex and related edges behind until another tool causes the frame to update. Once the frame updates the vertex will move but leave the edges behind. None of...
  2. Darwindz

    New Grapple Test: Reset button inconsistent

    pressing r to return to the spawn chamber often takes multiple presses before an effect occurs. v16.24
  3. Darwindz

    New Grapple Test: Cant grapple to ships

    I cant grapple to my ship and i cry v16.24
  4. Darwindz

    New Main Menu: Sky is missing

    the sky is a black void in the main menu v16.24
  5. Darwindz

    New Grapple Test: spawn chamber cannot be grappled

    the starting spawn chamber is ungrapplable except the dome. v16.23
  6. Darwindz

    New Shipbuilder: paint tool functions through menus

    While clicking menus such as the paint tool popup while using the paint tool, you also interact with any panel behind the menu causing accidental painting. v16.23
  7. Darwindz

    New Shipbuilder: Jet engine hologram misplaced

    In the ship builder the placement hologram for the jet engine does not align to its orientation when placed. v16.23
  8. Darwindz

    Fixed Spawn chambers missing collision

    Some spawn chambers are missing collision, tested on the island nearest the spawn island. v0.16.12
  9. Darwindz

    Fixed Watching credits logs user out

    it probably shouldn't v0.16.12
  10. Darwindz

    New Some names in the credits sequence appear glitched

    like this one v0.16.12
  11. Darwindz

    New Shipbuilder exit button crashes

    Pressing the exit button in the shipbuilder crashes the game. v0.16.12
  12. Darwindz

    New Ambient noise continues despite muting audio

    Muting audio in the settings does not mute the wind noise v0.16.12
  13. Darwindz

    Fixed Account settings still have branch options

    Account settings still have to old updater branch options despite working through steam now. v0.16.12
  14. Darwindz

    New Focus tool broken

    In the ship builder pressing F to focus doesn't move the camera to focus on the selected object
  15. Darwindz

    Fixed Shipbuilder faces can't be selected

    In the shipbuilder faces can't be selected, although the measuring tool can still measure them.
  16. Darwindz

    Fixed main menu lies to users

    In-game update message says to report bugs in discord or email instead of the forums. There again isn't a channel on discord for bug reports anymore.
  17. Darwindz

    New prefabs are permanently highlighted

    in grapple test world prefabs become permanently highlighted
  18. Darwindz

    New game freezes on loading

    going from grapple world to ship builder and back again freezes the game on the loading screen
  19. Darwindz

    Fixed prefabs cant be placed on faces

    Prefabs cannot be placed on panels, they are only placeable on beams.
  20. Darwindz

    New rendering breaks below island

    when grappled below the island rendering objects breaks