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  1. Cyberknight

    A Variety of Sails

    A good example of what could be made is a Gaf Schooner, it perfectly fit the theme and is fucking cool on sea, so I guess turbo propelled it will look as cool
  2. Cyberknight

    Fixed EZ mod soft lock

    I from the base cube, you select a face, take this face behind the opposite one, then come back 1 grid on the other side you'll end up with something like that It totally prevent any change you could do with it, even if you change to hard mode Edit : occured in 0.14.48
  3. Cyberknight

    Fixed Pressing "R" does not remove your grapple.

    When you reset the grapple will stay hooked from what seem any distances. PS: I think I broke my speed record as I went at 92 m/s
  4. Cyberknight

    Fixed Grappling retracting automatically when fired

    The grappling retract himself slowly when fired (0.1 m/s). Only seem to happen when you are on the ground and not while you are mid-air hooked to an island. Discovered in 0.14.40
  5. Cyberknight

    Pushing pet to the void

    If I were to push a pet of one of my fellow sailor onto the Void will it die?
  6. Cyberknight

    Fixed Switching to dev build/QA/ prod button visible after re-login

    The buttons mentionned above are visible if you log in, exit and re-login immediatly. Cliking them does nothing tho. Edit : Ocurred in as I didn't found yet how to update lol 0.13.103
  7. Cyberknight

    Aeronautical propulsion

    I suggest more fans MORE Also, I suggest a turbine, make absolutly no sense but is cool
  8. Cyberknight

    Closed Glitched Speedometer

    Probably unrelated, but after landing on what I assume is a Void Core prototype the speedometer started to show values that were either 0 or under 1 m/s, or switching to the current value to 0 every frame while walking/sprinting. Edit 2 minutes after : Occured on the version 0.13.103
  9. Cyberknight

    Link your Discord to the game for patreon access

    It might be possible that with the Discord API you can detect if the player have the "Supporter" grade on VA Discord to automate the patreon access, that avoid a chore for you.
  10. Cyberknight

    Bug Teleport after a new ship is spawned

    If you quit the game on another island then relaunch the game and spawn ship in the world the place you were when you left the game will be the place were your character teleport when you spawn a ship. Found in 0.13.103
  11. Cyberknight

    Closed Grapplinf stuck in the ground

    When running around while expending the rope it can be stuck in the ground if it's not flat Occured in the version 0.13.103
  12. Cyberknight

    Fixed Return of edgeless faces

    You can make faces with missing edges as long as there are 3 edges selected, even if it's non planar and it's an open shape. Maybe because the edge count detect 3 edges and let the face be created? Ocurred in 0.13.103
  13. Cyberknight

    Void Golems.

    Voids Golems could be mobs that from a lore point of views come from the Void, and raise on the island when the island themselve are expulsed from the void. But because they are a mix between Void energy and normal matter they can be expulsed from the void alone, landing in ship that are near...
  14. Cyberknight

    Closed Thick grappling

    I was playing with the ability to stuck the grappling and this occured in the version 0.13.98
  15. Cyberknight

    SHIP The Bad Whalle Ship

    I did not attempt to make this
  16. Cyberknight

    Fixed Append button places prefab after placing one

    If you place a prefab, deselect the button and select the "Append" button then click on a point, it will place a prefab, found in version 0.13.95. Edit I cannot remake this, guess it's good.
  17. Cyberknight

    Closed Character Right arm rotate

    When you rotate your character using your mouse the right arm model rotate around the shoulder. Version 0.13.89
  18. Cyberknight

    Fixed Character stuck in props

    There is a props were the character is stuck and can no longer move, displaying fall animation/grappling animation. It's the props under the ship on the island with a cave.
  19. Cyberknight

    I am a bit slower than the average

    Hello. I nicknammed myself Cyberknight because it was cool in 2012. I can't draw anything but abominations, my programming skills are not that good. So hello I suppose.