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  1. Aura

    In-universe Language

    I just realized there may not have been too much of a discussion in this topic, but has there been a consensus on how to go about with the language in the VA universe? Obviously we would be speaking our native tongue amongst ourselves in the chat, but when interacting with the world and dealing...
  2. Aura

    Monsters, enemies, NPCs, pets in the sky, oh my!

    It is no secret a good monster can really make the game, providing challenges that differs from standard pvp interactions. When time comes for implementation of enemy npcs and the like, I can keep the list up for convenience. Naturally whether the dev would want to include the particular type of...
  3. Aura

    Aura Approaches

    Hello, I was still fairly new to World Adrift when it was shuttered. Unfortunate, as I loved the concept and the terror of the environment over the endless void, and sailing through air. Here hoping Zaviinet Studios best of wishes in their endeavors, especially with Void Adrift. Looking forward...