A Variety of Sails


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There are many types of sail out there and as someone who prefers to cruise quietly I feel there should be a variety of sails to utilize on board your skyships.
One many will be familiar with is the bermuda rig whose triangular shape you might recognize from another game. It is very good at sailing upwind but is difficult to manufacture large enough for bigger ships.
bermuda rig.jpg
Another classic is the square sail seen on most transoceanic ships, it provides massive power but is all but impossible to use upwind.

square rig.jpg
The gaff rig is somewhere between performance of the previous two sails, allowing medium ships almost as much wind power as square rigs with some ability to head upwind.
gaff rig.jpg
Mostly found in Asia the Junk rig allowed truly massive sails without the expense of impossibly string cloth by dividing the sail into ribbed sections. This great saving in cost sadly increased the weight of the sail fairly significantly.

junk rig.jpg
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A good example of what could be made is a Gaf Schooner, it perfectly fit the theme and is fucking cool on sea, so I guess turbo propelled it will look as cool 1633797907251.png