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    Sup! Just looking around here, seeing old and new faces :)

    Everything starts rough and improves from there. Keep it up! Welcome back! I am doing nooooiiiccee
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    One word story

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    In-universe Language

    I just realized there may not have been too much of a discussion in this topic, but has there been a consensus on how to go about with the language in the VA universe? Obviously we would be speaking our native tongue amongst ourselves in the chat, but when interacting with the world and dealing...
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    Specific Guilds/Specialization

    You can also added grappling specialization for explorer's guild, such as longer cable, a one time emergency cable (for when you fall to certain point below a land mass, and some improvements to personal flight. I could also add in two guilds: Warrior's Guild: Combat Pirate's Guild: Raid
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    Fear my warlord name.... Varl Gredar!

    ... ... Well, way to put down a schmuck-bait there, but I shall resist. Welcome!
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    TK-313 reporting

    Ah nice! Looking forward to seeing some of your work, if you are willing to indulge. Being said, welcome!
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    Hey hey hey, It's me. what?

    Welcome! You can probably, in the meantime, help add to the lore or mechanics of the game if you so wish. No guarantee it would be accepted, but fun to do anyway. Jack would be the admin.
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    Hi I'm ling :)

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    Monsters, enemies, NPCs, pets in the sky, oh my!

    Может через год
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    Monsters, enemies, NPCs, pets in the sky, oh my!

    I would imagine you would have to wait awhile. I don't know when exactly, but it is pretty early in alpha. Right now people ABLE to play it are basically testing some very basic mechanics. As is right now, there isn't a lot to do besides practicing some swinging and building some basic ships...
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    G'day, I'm DSCO

    Game design? Nice. Welcome to the forum!
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    Monsters, enemies, NPCs, pets in the sky, oh my!

    Heh, that would provide unique challenges. Supposedly if the lamprey were to only *directly* attach itself to the core or certain components, it would add a little more consideration to ship building designs.
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    Most played game?

    Cities Skyline, Minecraft, Space Engineers. Valheim may have ways to go, but it would not surprise me if it catches up.