Most played game?


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Curious what everyone's most played game is. Mine is GTA V due to RP. I think I have somewhere in the range of 50 days played. I'm sure someone's got me beat though.


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Cities Skyline, Minecraft, Space Engineers. Valheim may have ways to go, but it would not surprise me if it catches up.


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my gtav time is split between 2 steam accounts and xbox 360 before i moved it, i have a ton of hours though and im very good with planes.

steam in general though, warframe and tf2 are still at the top and i havent played either in ages.

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Overall it would be World of Tanks, but on Steam I'm sad to say it was Miscreated. I enjoyed it in the early days, but it never developed they way I hoped it would, and then better survival games came along. Next is Worlds Adrift of course!


Most likely Minecraft, but there isn’t a way to count hours across Minecraft, so idk exactly by how much.