ANNOUNCEMENT Multiplayer Update!


Staff member
Small Update, We're hard at work, working on netcode, We're currently building a small 100 player week game (Game made within a week) to test multiplayer, we want to make a completely bug free multiplayer so we're making a small game around multiplayer to test,
Our Game is a small, ship v ship combat where the objective is to deliver barrels of rum from Point A to B without being pirated, You can sink other ships and steel their loot, Shares core functions we are working for voids but this way we can polish these functions without having errors within Voids Adrift.

Once we're done we'll let you playtest this Demo, (Host your own Servers) while we move our code into Voids Adrift, We might revisit this demo in the future make it a complete game.

Thanks for your Continued Support

Team ZaviiNet