Proposal for the passive tree system


New member
So far it has been announced that this game will feature separate classes/races with their own tech trees and abilities. While this feature is likely a low priority right now, I thought I would toss this idea into the ring before development starts.

Instead of having separate tech trees, I propose to have a single tech tree shared by all two classes/races. After choosing a class, the starting point will be determined off of the chosen class, which has been marked as "starting area". Much like a regular passive tree, different nodes are branched off of each other and can be unlocked when a player has the required number of points.

-It just looks cooler lol
-Allows for more creativity and fluidity of builds
-All races have access to all passives
-Balance changes are more impactful since the tree is shared
-Satisfaction of creating a build from scratch
-More combinations of passives
-Unique compared to other games and AAA titles

-Daunting for newer players
-Very slightly more difficult to balance since all races and builds will be affected


In short, both tree systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it would be worth considering the idea of merging every tree together.