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If a Post Already Exists for the Topic, feel free to comment to help bring it back to the top.

Things to include for a post:
  • Game Version Number
    • Along with Which Branch you are on (If you don't know/have any options, you are in Production)
  • Issue/Bug with as much detail as possible
  • (Optional, but very helpful) Steps to recreate the bug
  • (Optional, but very helpful) Screenshots if it applies
  • UI Scaling issues on Large Format Displays (Started after Version 0.11.0)
  • Editor UI Crashing
  • EZ Mode Gizmos Duplicating or Causing Issues on Ships

  • Player randomly stopping in mid air (Started after Version 0.11.1) (Fixed 0.13.43)
  • Player position stuttering (Started after Version 0.13.33) (Fixed 0.13.43)
  • Ship Editor Crashing For Large Ships (Started after Version 0.13.38) (Fixed 0.13.42)
  • Some objects in world are not Ground (player floats on them) (Started after Version 0.11.0) (Fixed 0.13.102)
  • Audio Settings Not Applying (Started after Version 0.11.0) (Fixed 0.14.26)
  • Grapple Wrapping resets/teleports (Started after Version 0.11.1) (Removed Functionality 0.14.20)
  • High GPU Usage In Main Menu (Started after Version 0.12.0) (Fixed 0.14.1)
  • Ship Editor Prefab Related Bugs (Started after Version 0.13.80) (Fixed 0.14.1)
  • Grapple Not Matching Hand Position (Started after Version 0.13.40) (Fixed 0.14.1)
  • Post Processing Color and Black Squares (Started after Version 0.11.0) (Fixed 0.15.20)
  • Right Arm Joint Not Set Correctly (Started after Version 0.13.80) (Fixed 0.15.59)
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